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What causes the industrial water chiller to fail to start?

3/29/2023 5:57:43 PM      view:524
1.Check whether the power supply and voltage are normal,whether the overload fuse is burnt out,whether the air switch is tripped,whether there is a phase loss in the power supply,and whether the switch contacts are in good contact.
  2.Check whether the compressor oil pressure is normal.When the compressor oil pressure is abnormal,the compressor will stop running.When the suction/discharge pressure of the compressor is abnormal,the compressor cannot be started.You can also check the high and low voltage relays.These problems can prevent the chiller from starting.
  3.The pressure at the water inlet of the screw chiller is low,resulting in the inability to meet operating conditions and the inability to start.When the switch fails to operate,it can also cause the small water chiller to fail to start.
  4.When the water volume and temperature in the water tank are high,the condensation pressure will increase,while the evaporation temperature will rapidly drop.At this time,the protection device of the low-temperature water chiller will start and automatically stop operation,resulting in the inability to restart the industrial water chiller.