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Methods to prolong the service life of water chillers

3/29/2023 5:58:26 PM      view:561
1.When there is a fault alarm for the water chiller,first press the shutdown button,shut down the unit,and then check the cause of the fault.Do not forcibly start the operation until the fault has been resolved.
  2.The box chiller should be kept clean and tidy,with good ventilation effects.The condenser should be cleaned regularly to ensure a good working environment for the chiller.
  3.The water quality must be kept clean to avoid impurities entering the water,causing pipe blockage and affecting the unit.
  4.The surface of the heat dissipation coil should be kept clean,the surrounding air should be kept in circulation,and the heat dissipation coil should be cleaned regularly.
  5.In cold winter,if you stop using the chiller for a long time,first turn off the power supply of the chiller,and drain the cooling water in the water tank clean.
  6.Please do not arbitrarily change the various protective devices of the water chiller.The parameters of the protective device have been set by the manufacturer before the unit leaves the factory.