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Precautions and maintenance knowledge for the use of industrial water chillers

3/29/2023 5:54:17 PM      view:201
1.The operating ambient temperature should not be too high.
  In summer with high temperatures,it is important to note that the operating ambient temperature of the water chiller should not be too high.Too high a temperature may cause an alarm at excessively high room temperature,which may prevent normal cooling.Therefore,the operating ambient temperature of the water chiller should not exceed 40°C.
  2.In cold winter,in order to prevent the water temperature from being too low and the water chiller cannot be started,it is recommended to configure a heating rod or add antifreeze.
  The antifreeze has a certain degree of corrosivity,and the selection of antifreeze should pay attention to the following points:the concentration should be as low as possible,and it should not be mixed as much as possible.It should be added after exchanging it with water in a certain proportion.The use time should not be too long,and the purified water should be replaced after the temperature warms up.